Who are we? We are a group of women who are hungry surfers as well as a creative filmmakers fueled by our passion for these wild and wonderful rivers and the need to share it with the world. Please join us on this adventure and perhaps find that our obsession might become yours. And as you watch us create new relationships, work toward developing a new global surf community, you might even find yourself dreaming of being on one of those river banks and asking yourself—Can I surf that . . .

A little more info about the Can I Surf That Cast and Crew:

Brittany Parker


I grew up in a small town in Colorado where lifted trucks, hunter orange, and rodeos still reign. But you would always find me, feet planted, on some sort of board whether it’s a snowboard, skateboard, or wakeboard. About five years ago I became a raft guide on the Colorado River.  Soon after that, I discovered SUP in Glenwood Springs, CO. I instantly became obsessed!! Here was a sport that combined the two things I LOVE the most: boards and rivers. The team over at Badfish Stand Up Paddle got me hooked on river surfing and it quickly became my kryptonite. I’ll drop just about everything for a surf sesh, throw a good crew in and I’m definitely there…it’s a high I haven’t been able to duplicate. I wanted to do this film to show the world what life is like through the eyes of a river surfer, to help encourage and inspire others to get out and try it, especially women, and see first-hand what it’s all about. It’s my hope that they become obsessed too!

Claire Chappell


Growing up in Michigan my plan was to live at the beach as soon as I was able. Of course nothing goes as planned. I wound up a mountain girl.A very happy mountain girl. I fell fast in love with the rivers of Colorado as a raft guide and kayaker. In 2011, I found SUP surfing (or, did it find me??).  The wanna-be surfer in me had a second shot at the dream.  The rush I had when I stood on a wave for the first time was like no other. I was instantly hooked. Since then, every free weekend, every left over dollar has gone toward surfing trips. Traveling to surf great river waves has become an obsession and I love the thought and energy that goes into planning one of these adventures. Snow melt, dam releases, rain storms, safety, having the right equipment, finding paddle buddies you trust. All of this has to be considered. Then, you take the leap.  You load up the car, secure the boards, and drive—often, hundreds of miles just to surf one wave. When you get it, it’s as rewarding as hell!

In surfing, there is inherent excitement and also soulfulness and peace that draws people in. Moving with the water. Being one with a wave. The public has been along for the ride on the oceans of the world for decades. Dozens of ocean surf movies have moved and inspired audiences. I love those films too but it’s time to shed some light on another kind of surfing. The surfing that has changed my life: river surfing. I started this project with Brittany and Heather because I want to expose the world to the beauty, the intensity, the passion of surfing river waves. You just might fall in love too.

Heather Jackson

I was raised as a lover of nature and of anything having to do with the outdoors. Still today, nothing makes me happier than waking up to watch the sunrise. Well, maybe something—chasing down my next outdoor adventure (but I usually get to see amazing sunrises on them anyway so I’m not missing out!). I have a Film/Photography degree from MSU in Denver, CO and my hope is to combine my love for film and photography with my love for the outdoors and the search for new, exciting adventures. As a Colorado girl, I grew up around rivers. Being on the river, much like the ocean is a soul expanding experience and I consider myself lucky that my friendship with Brittany and Claire lead me to the amazing river SUP community I now call family. I can’t wait to share the river SUP experience with the world and I truly hope you enjoy our film.

Nadia Almuti

The river has been my second home for 12 years now. I became part of the whitewater world when I started working on the New and Gauley Rivers as a raft guide. From there I got into kayaking and found my way to stand up paddle boarding. I love SUP because it challenges me. It gives me freedom and allows me to explore and see the river in a new way, taking me places I would have never dreamed of. Being part of a sport that is new and still evolving is exciting! Meeting people who already love it, spreading the word about and sharing my passion for this sport is tremendously rewarding. I love everything about it: the community, the competitions,  and of course, the waves.