River Surfing Movie:
Can I Surf That

“Can I Surf That” is a river surfing movie that follows four women as they search for river waves and whitewater, meeting a colorful cast of characters along the way.

Many of these rivers and surf features had only been frequented by kayakers and rafts. This river surfing movie shows that with the evolution of stand up paddleboards for river surfing it has opened up the possibility of trying to surf anywhere. River banks and eddies have replaced the ocean line ups. The only swell that we have to wait for is the spring flow to flood the river banks and create the large waves that can be seen in the movie. Examples of these waves are the Glenwood wave in Colorado.


We are hoping that this river surfing movie inspires people to get out and try river surfing. There are waves everywhere and all people have to do is go out and look for them. Every river has the potential to have a great surf wave. All we have to do is get out there.

As the sport grows cities are starting to realize what a “good wave” in their community can bring.  Building a community whitewater park immediately provides a way for people to go out and surf in their backyards.  The rocks in the river are reshaped to form a wave feature with easy access from an eddy. As you will see in this river surfing movie, cities like Buena Vista, Colorado have built whole communities who share a love for the river. A whole family can be found enjoying the river together, kids out on boogie boards and parents out on surf or stand up paddle board.

This river surfing movie combines compelling stories to create a shared experience that unites all river surfers. “Can I Surf That” shows how these communities of surfers all have the river in their blood. We all share the wave, waiting on the rocks for our chance to surf these incredible features.

River surfing allows you to be in the moment, moving with the water, completely focused. Nothing else is in your mind. You aren’t thinking about groceries or laundry. Just the wave, it draws you in and leaves you wanting another ride. When you meet other river surfers, you know they share your addiction and instantly you have a family.